Two Ways to Survive the Holidays Through Art

The crowds, the lights, the music … sometimes the holiday season can be one big headache. Besides eating more cookies or acting like Scrooge, what can you do to relieve the craziness of the season? We recommend tapping into your creative juices and artistic energy to add fun and, we hope, some peace to the holidays. Here are 18 tips for using art to help make your December merry and get 2004 off to a good start.

1. Exchange homemade presents—which are much more appreciated—with family or friends. Some gift ideas include a miniature painting, beaded jewelry, homemade soap, a framed poem that you wrote, personal stationery or a mix tape/CD of music.

2. Paint a picture, write a poem or draw a caricature of your family and send this out as your holiday card. Instead of the standard holiday letter with your card, create pieces of artwork or assemble a collage that represents the things that you’ve done or accomplished in the past year.

Judy Buswick writes on the arts. She lives in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

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