Susan Abbott Painting Journals

Filled edge to edge with tantalizing, precisely rendered objects, Susan Abbott’s imaginative, large-scale watercolors thrill the senses. Explore her Dream Table series in the October 2009 issue of Watercolor Artist. And discover the story behind Elegy, a large-scale diptych featured in the print magazine, on our site. In Abbott’s sketchbooks, one finds a glimpse at another side of the artist: the inspired and committed world traveler. Enjoy a sneak peak at a few pages from her sketchbook and a gallery of work inspired by her travels below.

Big Cloud, Prince Edward Island (watercolor on paper, 11½x15½)

Cloud Shadows From Moonhole (watercolor on paper, 14×16)

Field Behind Les Bassac, Dusk (watercolor on paper, 14×19)

Provence Fields (watercolor on paper, 18×20)

View From the Chateau, Joucas, Provence (watercolor on paper, 12¼x10½)


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