Creativity Workshop: Inspiration At Your Feet Responses

In the August 2010 issue of Watercolor Artist, Heidi Lang Perrinello challenged readers to find inspiration in unlikely places. Now find out how artists just like you responded to her call. The “editors’ choice” and the winner of our prize (a six-month subscription to online video workshops, plus $50 worth of North Light ?ne art books) is Carolyn Newberger with her painting, Eye of the Tiger (above; watercolor on paper, 19×23). The artist remarks of the painting process:

“Painting Eye of the Tiger involved several creative processes that I discovered along the way. The spray of tiger lilies was on the edge of a driveway, amid a tangle of foliage and pines. I took some photos and painted a straightforward portrait of the lilies against a kind of abstract background of sky and leafy shadows, but it didn’t capture how these brilliant orange lilies emerged like beacons from the tangle. My solution was to start with a totally abstract underpainting, without any reference to the lilies at all. I painted a path of light through shapes and colors, until I had an abstract that I liked on its own. Then I transferred my drawing of the lilies onto this painting. Then the challenge was bringing it all together. Using masking tape and moistened magic eraser squares, I lifted and painted. The flowers and leaves emerged with their ownpatterns of light and shadow from the underpainting. I created leaves both by direct painting, and by lifting paint away with the magic eraser, cutting an outline in the tape with a craft knife, or bending thinner tape around what I wanted to be the shape of the leaf. The whole thing was fun!”
Congratulations are also due to our two runners up for this challenge, Terry Honstead and Sandy Patton, whose paintings are pictured respectively below. Thanks to all those who entered. We truly appreciate the opportunity to enjoy your remarkable work!

For details about the next Creativity Workshop challenge, or to learn how to enter your work for a chance to win the prize, click here.

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