Creativity Workshop: Best of Both Worlds Responses

In the December 2008 issue of Watercolor Artist, Bev Jozwiak challenged readers to bring the best of both worlds into their watercolor paintings. “The style I’m working in allows me to go from thick, dark and dramatic to light, loose and washy, in one piece. Who says you can’t have it all?” she said. “Using the law of thirds, combine a dark and dramatic look with a loose and washy approach. Create movement in your work by adding water to create runs, drips and splatters, and by working with the medium to create variety in your edges.” We received an exceptional group of paintings in response, which made selecting our winners a difficult (but highly rewarding) process.

We’re pleased to announce that Carol E. Hatch of San Antonio, TX is the winner of our $100 gift certificate to Jerry’s Artarama, with her painting, Rose Window, Mission San Jose. Our runners up include Erma Pierce of Westerville, Ohio; Graham Lock of the UK; Nancy Blatz of Monroe, Maine; and Robert P. Hedden of Wellesley Island, NY.

Congratulations to these artists and all those who entered their paintings. Enjoy a gallery of the winning works and the stories behind the paintings (below) and don’t forget to enter your work to win the next Creativity Workshop. Click here to find out how.

Carol E. Hatch
I really admired Bev Jozwiak’s paintings, so I was excited to try the law of thirds, (from the dramatic dark, to the medium tone and the washy lights) in Rose Window, Mission San Jose. I employed artistic license to make the painting more dramatic. For the stonework, I enjoyed splashing and pressing plastic wrap and netting into the wet paint, over highlights saved with masking fluid, and allowing it to dry for additional texture. I also tried to employ some lost and found edges. Thank you for inspiring me to create such a dramatic–and much looser–painting.

Erma Pierce
I’ve visited Bev Jozwiak’s website several times and absolutely love her loose style. I really like the results I got with Daddy’s Shoes and it’s such a breakthrough for me that I just had to send it for you to see. I’ve only been painting for about six years (exclusively in watercolor) and am a member of the Worthington Area Art League, Lancaster Art Guild, and a signature member of Central Ohio Watercolor Society.  I’ve won about half a dozen awards, been accepted in a national show and have sold some originals and prints. Thanks for the opportunity your magazine gives me to experience other styles and to grow! There’s always so much to learn and I think that’s one of the things I love about it!

Graham Lock
This was fun to do. A lot of wet-in-wet, runny paint, water and splattering from a large watercolor brush and some stencil brushes created Another Bad Hair Day. Although I live in England, I find your magazine interesting and informative. It gives a slightly different slant than those I can buy in the UK, as well as articles by a different range of artists.

Nancy Blatz
I loved this workshop, which resulted in Oranges. My group of watercolor artists, the Mid Coast Art Guild in Northport, Maine, is now starting to play around with these ideas. We’ll try to do a group activity in the future. I’ve been painting as a hobby since I retired.

Robert P. Hedden
Between Poses uses the reverse of top dark, middle medium and bottom light for values.

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