Creativity Workshop: Got Rhythm Responses

Paradise (watercolor on paper, 21×29) by Dorothy Koliba

In the August 2009 issue of Watercolor Artist, Eric Weigardt challenged watercolorists to introduce a sense of rhythm into their work: “By thinking about the rhythm of a passage, we can bring a needed sense of variety to our work, while still maintaining a balanced composition,” he said. 

We’re now pleased to announce that Dorothy Koliba of Brighton, MI is the winner of our prize: a six-month subscription to online video workshops, plus $50 worth of North Light art books. Koliba remarks on the process of painting, Paradise (above), “The source photo for this painting was taken out our back door in Florida. At first I couldn’t get it to work and I set it aside for awhile. After looking at it for several weeks, I deceided to rub out some areas to lighten them and then darken a few other areas; it finally came together.”

Congratulations also to our talented runners up, Sandi Levy and Ted Head, whose paintings are featured below.

Spring is in the Air
(mixed media, 30×24) by Sandi Levy

Fountain Fun
by Ted Head


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