We (Paint) Jammin'

A friend directed me to this video this morning, and I then had to share it with the PJ team at the office. You might be familiar with “improvisational painting performer” Dan Dunn and his Paintjam events. Double-fisted with paintbrushes, Dunn spins his canvas and paints to music like a madman. Prepare to be dazzled by his lightning-speed artistry below.

Oh, and be sure to use sound. And watch it all the way until Dunn is done (sorry) for the finished painting.

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One thought on “We (Paint) Jammin'

  1. Gert Martini

    Terrific; I kept tilting my head, but still couldn’t make it out until just before he turned it. The showmanship is fun too, but a bigger lesson is: dream it, see the finished product in your minds eye and then excecute!