Year in Review

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We just had our first taste of autumn weather last week, here in Cincinnati, so it hardly seems time to be talking about year-end, but the final issue of the year (November/December 2007) has just started to ship to subscribers (it will go on-sale on newsstands October 30). For the year-end issue, we planned some exciting features, including articles on the illustration work of Harry Potter illustrator Mary GrandPre (see our online gallery here). We’ve also included work by some fantastic international artists, too—the moody cityscapes of St. Petersburg artist Serguei Oussik, the realistic snowscapes of Canadian artist Susan Lampinen and the abstract expressions of UK artists Ingrid Wilkins and Jeanette Hayes. All of these pastelists (and more) will join the long list of our distinguished 2007 “featured artists.” To get the complete list, you can consult the index of 2007 artists and articles in the December issue, but for those who enjoy visual reminders (and isn’t that everybody?!), go to our website for a free downloadable Visual Index. Click on any highlighted name in the index to view a painting by the artist (see sample page above). It’s our version of one of those year-end news montages, except the subject is exclusively pastels!

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