Artist’s Network Annual Holiday Sweepstakes – December 13: SUPER PRISM PROJECTOR BY ARTOGRAPH

artistsnetwork holiday sweepstakes 2012

Super Prism Artograph

Discover and expand your artistic talents with the Artograph Super Prism™ opaque projector! Since its inception over 25 years ago, the Super Prism has been the tool of choice for astute artists and designers who demand exceptional image clarity and accuracy. It is Ideal for working from a variety of challenging originals like photographs and highly detailed drawings. The Super Prism offers artists the ability to enlarge originals from 3 to 20 times. The included accessory lens extends the range from 3 times enlargement down to 80% reduction. 500-Watts of photo-quality lighting is emitted for a whiter and brighter image. Magnetic door latches and a spring clip keeps copy securely in place. A liberal 7 x 7 inch top-loading, glass covered copy area makes for easy placement of large copy. A dual cooling channel system and thermal overload circuit protects originals from overheating.