Artist’s Network Annual Holiday Sweepstakes – December 2: ROYAL TALENS – COBRA SOLVENT-FREE OIL COLORS

Holiday Sweepstakes

218-20511_Cobra Set_10 tubes plus

From the Dutch colormakers in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands comes Cobra, the first full range of Artist and Study grade Solvent free oils. Royal Talens offers this perfect gift for travel, Plein Air, or studio work for the health conscious artist.

Cobra Solvent-Free oil colors offer exceptional pigmentation, true water solubility, excellent brush stroke retention, and a sustainable paint layer. Whether you’re looking to remove toxic solvents from your studio or looking for a true oil color which is perfect for travel, Cobra offers you the freedom to paint just about anywhere. Mix Cobra 2:1 with any other oil color and the result can also be thinned and cleaned without solvents. No need to get rid of your current palette, just transition over using the 2:1 ratio and you’ll be painting solvent free right away!

Combo Set of 10 — This set contains:
40 ml tubes in 10 colors, including Titanium White, Permanent Yellow Light, Permanent Orange, Pyrrole Red, Permanent Red Violet Light, Ultramarine, King’s Blue, Permanent Green Light, Burnt Sienna, and Ivory Black
75 ml Painting Medium
Double palette cup
Flat brush, size 4
Flat brush, size 10

MSRP $129.30