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Discover Your Painting Style

Listen in as watercolorists Joyce Faulknor and Guy Magallanes walk you through their opposite approaches to painting the same image! See side-by-side comparisons of Joyce and Guy’s finished paintings and the steps leading up to them, learning how and why Joyce and Guy approach the same subject in two different manners. One image, two artists, two styles–Joyce and Guy give you options and encouragement to try all approaches and methods in discovering your own painting style! You can learn more about Joyce and Guy at their websites, and

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Stunning Crystal and Glass
Stunning Crystal and Glass DVD

Watercolor Quick & Easy: Crystal and Glass DVD
Watercolor Quick & Easy: Crystal and Glass Video Download

Watercolor Quick & Easy: Flowers DVD
Watercolor Quick & Easy: Flowers Video Download

Stunning Crystal & Glass eBook

Splash 10: Passionate Brushstrokes