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Painting from Photographs

Listen in as Maggie Price takes you through the steps to paint a pastel landscape from photos. Expanding on the creation of the painting “Winter Palette,” featured in her new book Painting Sunlight & Shadow with Pastels, Maggie uses a powerpoint presentation to share additional steps and concepts not included in the book, including the following:

-Critical considerations for a strong composition
-How to avoid the pitfalls of painting from photographic references
-The magic of underpainting with pastels
-Keeping values clear and under control
-How to avoid “making mud” and overfilling the tooth of the paper by careful application of pastel strokes

Maggie shares not only her favorite underpainting technique, but other techniques and principles of painting in pastel which will help you avoid reworking and revising your paintings, and keep a fresh, lively feeling throughout.

About Maggie Price: Maggie has been working in pastel for over 20 years, and has acquired a wealth of knowledge about the medium. A co-founder and former editor of

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Painting with Pastels


Painting Sunlight and Shawdow with Pastels

Painting from Photos: Pastels with Maggie Price DVD

Capture the Values of Sunlight and Shawdow: Pastels with Maggie Price DVD