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colored pencil by david dooley 150x150Below you’ll find the recording from the live webinar: Common Portrait Mistakes and How to Correct Them with Sandra Angelo that aired live on March 18, 2014.

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Draw FACES 101: Master Portraits in Days instead of Decades! (Home Study Course)

Dynamic Colored Pencil Portraits: Turn Family Photos into Legacy Art

Do you avoid putting people in your art? No more. An expert at simplification, Sandra Angelo’s super simple systems allow you to skip past years of agonizing mistakes. Using her insider tips, tricks and shortcuts you can Master Portraits in DAYS instead of DECADES!
Sandra Angelo will open the pages of two Home Study Courses:
· Draw Faces 101 (Graphite)
· Dynamic Colored Pencil Portraits – Turn Family Photos into Legacy Art

Sandra will show you:Lilly c by Sandra Angelo for NL
3 common mistakes and how to correct them
3 tricks for getting a likeness every time
A secret formula for folds and fabric
· How to capture someone’s personality in a portrait
· How to choose the best paper for each skin tone
· How to slash drawing time by 70%

You will see inspiring work from Sandra’s students that have had learned how to master portraiture in just a few weeks.

Both of Sandra Angelo’s Home Study Courses have workbooks and DVDs with daily 30 minute step by step lessons that allow you to squeeze art lessons into any schedule. The PowerPoint presentation wraps up with a Q&A session.

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