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Vincent van Gogh, Sorrowing Old Man

Vincent van Gogh,
Sorrowing Old Man

Below, you’ll find the recording from the FREE, online discussion with Paul Dorrell, best selling author of Living the Artist’s Life.

Beat the winter blues and enjoy this free webinar where Paul shares some of his personal experiences with depression as well as his best practices and coping mechanisms for keeping depression at bay.

From Paul’s book, Living the Artist’s Life: “I’m aware that many of you deal with similar issues, but are reluctant to discuss them—as if this common occurrence is a mark of shame.  I want you to know that you’re not alone.  Depression is a part of the human condition, especially among artists.  I mean look at what you’re up against: when you’re unknown, no one wants your work; for years you’ll struggle to emerge from the amateur level, then even after you become a master, society will be largely indifferent to whatever you create; you’ll have to surmount enormous odds to make even a modest income from your art; you can’t walk away from it because it won’t let you; you have to create, even if it kills you; and the whole time you’re trying to present this gift of wonder to the world, the world doesn’t hear you because it, for the most part, doesn’t speak that language.  Who the hell wouldn’t be depressed?
But take heart.  Consider how fortunate you are to have your vision, and to be able to act on it, when many people don’t even know the deeper meaning of vision.  That is nothing to be depressed about.  That is cause for celebration.”


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About Paul: A columnist for The Artist’s Magazine and Absolute Arts, Paul has helped develop careers for scores of successful artists. As an art consultant, his clients include H&R Block, the Mayo Clinic, the National D-Day Memorial, the city of Hartford, CT, and private collectors nationwide.



Living the Artist's Life by Paul Dorrell


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