Getting Your Art into Galleries with Paul Dorrell


Getting Your Art into Galleries with Paul Dorrell

Living the Artist's Life by Paul DorrellSo you think you’re ready to get into a gallery? Or you are at least interested in pursuing gallery display of your art at come point in your artistic journey. Fantastic! Paul Dorrell is here to help you do just that.

Yes, your artwork is exquisite, but in order to succeed, you must also think and act like an entrepreneur.

To help you succeed as an entrepreneurial artist, in this Artists Network Online Event, Paul Dorrell will discuss:

  • How to overcome rejection by galleries
  • How to chose the right gallery for you
  • How to negotiate with a gallery

Then all the stars align, your hard work pays off, and you get into the gallery, now what?
Paul provides you helpful information for:

  • How to host your one-man/one-woman show
  • How to handle the critics
  • Expanding your gallery presence into other cities
  • Managing your relationship with your dealer

Watch Paul Dorell for real-world success stories of how to successfully live the artist’s life.

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