How to Draw Flowers with Sandra Angelo | Artists Network Online Event

Peek inside 2 comprehensive pencil courses — signs and wonders by barbara edidinSandra reveals insider secrets from:
· Draw Flowers 101 (Graphite)
· Paint Like Monet in a Day™ with Colored Pencils

In this free one hour webinar award winning internationally renowned artist Sandra Angelo will pull back the curtain and reveal Masters’ tips, tricks and shortcuts for capturing great photo references and then turning those into award winning art and lucrative commissions.

Opening the pages of her comprehensive drawing course Draw Flowers 101, Sandra Angelo will reveal three magic tricks that rapidly improve your accuracy as well as methods that help you master flower textures fast. Lifting an excerpt from one of the exercises in her Home Study Course, Angelo will lead you step by step through a graphite demo re how to draw flowers in black and white.

Then Sandra will open the pages of her colored pencil flower course, Paint Like Monet in a Day with Colored Pencils and divulge insider secrets for cutting your drawing time while dramatically improving results.

Executive Director of 11 International Colored Pencil Symposiums with the world’s top colored pencil artists, Sandra Angelo knows all the Masters’ secrets. Specializing in making the complicated simple, Angelo is great at helping you Master Art in DAYS instead of DECADES. Sandra will give you a sneak peek inside the colored pencil course with tips, tricks and shortcuts.

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V7552Draw Flowers 101 (Graphite)

In Draw Flowers 101: 30 Day Home Study Course You’ll Learn:

  • How to draw roses, irises, tulips, pansies, daffodils, cal lilies & more
  • How to create realistic & dramatic shadows
  • How to simplify your drawing process to get great results

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V6614Paint Like Monet in a Day™ with Colored Pencils

In Paint Like Monet in a Day You’ll Learn:

  • Tips for creating impressionist results with colored pencil
  • How to sketching and drawing in nature
  • Step-by-step landscape and shimmering water techniques

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If you want daily feedback while you study
Sandra Angelo’s Flower Home Study Courses,
sign up for Sandra Angelo’s coaching program at

Sandra Angelo also announced 2014’s
11th. Colored Pencil Symposium that will be
held in San Diego in May. This 5 week program
will give you private coaching re how to
become a Colored Pencil Master
before, during and after the live event.

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or call Discover Art at 858-578-6005.

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