Secrets to Compose Powerful Pet Portraits of Dogs and Cats with Sandra Angelo

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Secrets to Compose Powerful Pet Portraits of Dogs and Cats with Sandra Angelo

In this FREE Artists Network Online Event, watch world renowned pet portrait artist, Sandra Angelo, as she shares professional insider tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you create award winning pet portraits. sandra-agnelo-how-to-draw-cats-and-kittens

Sandra gives you a sneak peek into newly revised and released Home Study Courses: How to Draw Cats & Kittens and How to Draw Dogs & Puppies. Each course contains NEW step-by-step demos and BONUS projects.

sandra-angelo-how-to-draw-dogs copyHow to Draw Dogs & Puppies will teach you to create a pet portrait of your perfect pooch. You will learn how to transform your pet portraits from wimpy to wow in just a few weeks. Learn to draw realistic dog eyes, captures a dog’s tongue, and render realistic dog fur of any variety.

How to Draw Cats & Kittens is a four workbook, home study course with 20+ projects to teach you how to draw your favorite feline. In this home study course, you will learn:


sandra-angelo-how-to-draw-cats copy

  • Three magic tricks to shorten your learning curve
  • Sandra’s simple 4 step pet portrait drawing system
  • How to draw cat eyes
  • How to draw a cat’s nose and mouth
  • How to draw puuurrrrfect whiskers
  • How to render a variety of realistic cat

Watch the Artists Network Online Event below as Sandra discusses:

  • Unique issues you’ll face when drawing baby animals like kittens and puppies
  • A NEW magic monochromatic method for using white colored pencils on black paper
  • How old masters shoot stunning reference photos to create award winning art
  • Secrets for photographing dark fur
  • How to capture detail in white fur
  • Tips for portraying your pet’s personality
  • Tricks for turning ordinary art into extraordinary masterpieces

A world renowned expert, Sandra Angelo teaches super simple systems so you can skip past years of agonizing mistakes and master art in days instead of decades.


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