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Spring 2017 issue of Drawing magazine, Tell Your Story Through Art | Artist's Network

Tell Your Art Story

The spring 2017 issue of Drawing focuses on narrative art—including children's book illustration, comic books and allegorical fine art.

Intaglio Explained

The following article by Richard Pantell about the basics of the five intaglio printmaking processes appears in the winter 2017 issue of Drawing. Check out a rundown of the issue here, and buy the print issue here or the digital issue here. If you like what you see, subscribe to Drawing here.  ~~~~~ Intaglio Explained by...

Drawing Books: Hokusai’s Lost Manga

The following book review of “Hokusai’s Lost Manga” appears in the Winter 2017 issue of Drawing magazine. For more drawing instruction and additional reviews of drawing books, subscribe. Review by Austin R. Williams. Today the word manga refers to Japanese narrative comics and cartoons, but the tradition of Japanese comics dates back only to...

Drawing, Spring 2016 Preview Video

The spring 2016 issue of Drawing focuses on architecture and urban life, with profiles of artists who excel at depicting the busy life of the city. We also feature several instructional articles to help you improve other aspects of your own art. Visit our online store to purchase a copy or to download the...