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Draw a House Using Two-Point Perspective

Learn the basics of two-point perspective by constructing a simple house together step by step. We’ll imagine the house is on a little hill and we’re viewing it from somewhere down the hill; that is, our eye level is below the house. The structure is turned so that it’s in two-point perspective—we can see...

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Workshops 2015: A Complete Guide to Workshops Here and Abroad

Find a class, workshop, or art program to inspire, edify, and delight, whatever stage you are in your art career. Whether you’re ready to pursue a degree or you just want to try a new medium or travel to an exotic locale, Workshops 2015 will give you an abundant array of possibilities. From Alaska to Florida,...


Acrylic Artist

Acrylic Artist Magazine Save 33% & Get 2 Free Gifts! Subscribe today to get step-by-step demonstrations, creative painting ideas and easy-to-follow advice from the world’s best acrylic artists. … Plus, you get two FREE gifts with your paid order! Using Our Secure Server     Share the Inspiration. From flinging, spattering and pouring paint to...