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2017 Art Workshops: A Complete Guide

Plan your next art workshop with this list from The Artist's Magazine! From Alaska to Florida, from Missouri to Japan, Bermuda or Bahamas, in person or online, for a week or a semester, there’s something for everyone here.

Create an Outstanding Art Portfolio

This article was excerpted from the 2017 Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market. Original article written by Luke McLaughlin. Less Is More The first and most important rule of a great portfolio is to use as few images as possible to show the best work you can do. A common mistake beginners...

Campbell's Soup Cans by Andy Warhol, acrylic painting

11 Famous Artists Who Paint with Acrylics

Andy Warhol to Thomas Hart Benton When it comes to hype, nothing works better than bringing out the big names. Acrylics have some very big names behind them. Why? Well, for one, acrylics have a very interesting “secret life” that make them appealing to painters. But acrylics were also a modern...