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Cherie I'm passionate about the arts and thrives on connecting artists with resources that inform and inspire. Prior to becoming the online editor for and Cloth Paper Scissors, I was an associate editor for The Artist’s Magazine.

cropped acrylic-painting-Marcia-Burtt-030316

Q&A: What Can You Use Acrylic Paint On?

You already know that there’s a plethora of techniques for using acrylic paint. The medium has to go onto something, though, and so it’s no surprise that one common question is: “What can you use acrylic paint on?” Never fear–as always, we have the answers for you. Michael Skalka addresses this in the newest...

Gesture drawing poses | Jon deMartin,

Improve Your Figure—With Gesture Drawings

The practice of gesture drawing is an important part of understanding the figure and its ability to create interesting shapes from limitless motions. Jon deMartin, author of Drawing Atelier: The Figure, offers guidance on this in the following excerpt. Gesture Drawing: Finding the Gesture and Orienting Forms by Jon deMartin The figure’s line of...