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For a fine art reproduction or giclée, Mike Teal of Nocerino Editions (Centennial, Colorado) color-corrects a digital file—just one of the many steps in the process.

How to Choose a Printmaker for Giclées

Many artists today are choosing to see giclées (zhee-klayz) or fine art reproductions created with pigment-based inks on high-resolution ink-jet printers. Digital printmaking saves you from having to buy and store more prints than you sell. But you can easily waste money if you need to take your work to...

Apple Tree is an acrylic painting by artist Garry Kaye, who uses Photoshop to manipulate his photo references.

Photoshop | A Tool for Artist Garry Kaye

Artist Garry Kaye, who uses Photoshop to help him create large beyond-photorealistic, detailed landscapes in acrylic, says his challenge with Apple Tree (acrylic, 36x48) was to create depth when using predominant greens. “I attempted to do this,” he says, “by using warm greens in the foreground, offset by colors leaning to...