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For Courtney, editor of Artist's Network, art is one of life’s essentials. Presenting art techniques to you from trusted instructors and creators as well as adding her own voice to the mix about her own (sometimes blooper worthy!) art endeavors is what she loves best. She writes about everything from Old Master painting and techniques to how to troubleshoot a painting gone wrong. She is always looking for ways to make more of her studio time, too, working in mixed media.


Happy Earth Day, Artists!

Being Part of the Green Art Movement Happy Earth Day, Artists! May your land-, sea-, and skyscapes be as lovely today as they ever were. It’s not a day to preach or chide or feel down on yourself. Just a day to celebrate Mother Nature and raise awareness as an art community of green...

Bowie album cover

Album Covers from Iconic Musicians & Famous Artists

Happy Record Store Day! Album Covers Featuring Art By Notable Musicians & Artists I was raised in a vinyl household. For my dad, sliding record from sleeve and switching on the turntable will always be akin to the spiritual. Sound quality and speakers were the mainstay of many father-daughter conversations. And while slamming doors...

Watercolor painting tutorials: leaving white space. Art by Michael Reardon.

Painting Whites in Watercolor

Watercolor Painting Tutorials from the Pros — Leaving White Space Watercolor artist Michael Reardon loves “painting” passages of white in watercolor but as many of you likely realize, he doesn’t paint them at all. Reardon simply understands how to use the white of his surface to the best advantage. He discovered his own particular...

Beginner Art Question: To Title or Not to Title. Square, Triangle, Circle by Sharon Sprung, oil painting.

To Title or Not to Title: Is That the Question?

Beginner Art Questions: The Paint Is Drying…Now What? Artist Ginny Gluege approached us with an interesting question and an informed take on what artists can and should consider when debating whether or not to title an artwork. I don’t like to title my acrylic paintings because I feel strongly about not influencing the viewers’ freedom...

Joyce Washor is all about painting small. This work shows how "big" the possibilities are if you approach your composition the right way.

Scale It Down–Way Down!

Ready to ditch the big canvas and start painting small? Check out this FREE painting demonstration, pulled straight from Joyce Washor’s book, Think Big Paint Small!  Painting Small Means “Pay Day” Do you know painters who have been working on the same painting for months? Years? Maybe you are that artist? If you want an...