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Wired Tea & Peaches | oil on panel

Tom Betts | Artist of the Month

Read more about Tom Betts, our December 2012 Artist of the Month, and his oil painting, Wired Tea and Peaches, which was a finalist in The Artist's Magazine's 28th Annual Art Competition.

Tea Stack | oil on linen

Krista Schoening | Artist of the Month

Krista Schoening is our November 2012 Artist of the month. Her oil painting Tea Stack was a finalist in the still life/floral category of The Artist’s Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition. “The joy I found in painting lured me away from graduate school. For a period of about four years I studied full time...

The Wonder Years | watercolor

Sandy O’Connor | Artist of the Month

Sandy O’Connor is our September 2012 Artist of the Month. Her watercolor painting, The Wonder Years, was a finalist in the still life/floral category of The Artist’s Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition. “I spend a lot of time chasing light in the landscape, on buildings or catching those fleeting moments when it hits the...

Sunsphere | acrylic on canvas

J. Austin Jennings | Artist of the Month

J. Austin Jennings is our August 2012 Artist of the Month. Her acrylic painting Sunsphere was a finalist in the abstract/experimental category of The Artist’s Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition. “Everything in life inspires me, but especially nature, the earth and metaphoric ideas, ” says Jennings. “Every morning brings a new opportunity for seeing...

Gaia (Mother Nature) | oil on linen, 48 x 60

Jen Toplak | Artist of the Month

Jen Toplak is our June 2012 Artist of the Month. Her oil painting, Gaia (mother nature),  is a finalist in the landscape/interior category of The Artist’s Magazine’s 28th Annual Art Competition. “I love oil because the medium is so permissive, the colors are so vibrant and oil allows me to work the piece by...

The Cactus Dome on Runit Island

The Cactus Dome | Artistic Make-Over

The Bikini Lines Production Team is an artistic venture inspired by the lack of standardized nuclear disaster reporting. Founded in early 2011 by Christian Forestell, Chad Parrish and Patrick McWilliams, the team proposed an ambition plan to create and produce unique CC-licensed media based on the core tenets of art, adventure, collaboration and documentation....

Vincent's Gardens by Ralph Skea

Vincent’s Gardens by Ralph Skea

In his new book Vincent’s Gardens, author Ralph Skea surveys the gardens that were most revered by Van Gogh—from the parsonage gardens in the Netherlands to the romance of Parisian city parks; from the blazing flower beds of Provence to the asylum gardens that provided Van Gogh with peace and seclusion during his final...

Chuck McLachlan's Art Demo

Chuck McLachlan’s Dedication to Art Education

At 78 years of age, fine artist Chuck McLachlan continues to teach workshops in assisted living homes to encourage others. “Painting stimulates the brain. I like to help the residents, to help keep their minds going,” he says. Knowing that there’s always something new to learn, McLachlan continues to take workshops as well. “There...

The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation | logo

The Golden Foundation Artist Residency Program

The Golden Foundation Residency Program is now accepting applications for its inaugural year. In the beautiful rolling hills of central New York, a 19th century barn has been transformed into a 21st century artist residency, with large studio spaces and private residency apartments. Artists-in-residence will participate in a completely unique opportunity to explore the widest, most innovative range...