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Amplify Visual Impact with Contrasting Elements

In some drawings, ordinary objects seem to take on distinctive roles, thereby bringing a work to life. The secret behind this transformation and resulting dynamism may be just a simple matter of contrasting elements. There are many types of contrast and juxtaposition you can use to make your work more engaging. In this article...


Robert K. Carsten | Representational Still Life Demo

Robert K. Carsten’s version of still life encompasses paper bags and bottle caps, where the emphasis is on the spent rather than the fresh, on the man-made rather than the natural. “When I first started this series, I didn’t think of these pictures as still lifes,” he says. “Only after I realized they were...


Lisa Grossman: River Demonstration in Oil

“Prairies lack the obvious grandeur of mountain ranges, red-rock canyons or the ocean,” says Lisa Grossman, who was featured in The Artist's Magazine. “It’s a more subtle beauty that comes to some slowly, but it’s undeniably powerful.” Grossman was inspired by the tallgrass prairie of the Flint Hills. The contrast between the dense,...

Eric Joyner, whose narrative paintings feature toy tin robots and donuts, works with Internet company CafePress, which handles his T-shirts, mugs, clocks and note cards. An online subsidiary, Imagekind, prints quality reproductions of his paintings. Artists can post directly to both companies’ online shops.

Make More Money | License Your Art!

Many artists already offer reproductions of their original works in the form of more affordable prints and giclées, but it’s when an image is licensed for use by major publishers or companies nationwide that an artist’s original painting can generate income over and over again through royalties.


Achieve Smooth Color Transitions In Your Painting

Painting objects that have more than one color can be difficult, especially when you’re depicting gradations to show dimension. The task gets even more difficult when the objects, such as petals or drapery folds, are broken up with splashes of light and shadow. You can find yourself with an area where four or more...


Five Tips to Achieve Spatial Depth In Your Drawings

The two kinds of perspective that artists use are linear and atmospheric (or aerial). Linear perspective uses lines and vanishing points to determine how much an object’s apparent size changes with distance. Atmospheric perspective deals with how the appearance of an object is affected by the space or atmosphere between it and the viewer....


Learn the Characteristics of Pigments

Paint, whether used to cover a house, an automobile or a canvas, derives its color from powdered pigments, each with its unique set of attributes. The medium I work in—traditional, pure egg tempera—must be made from scratch. Because of this, I work on a daily basis with powdered pigments, an experience that has given...


Draw Dynamic Human Figures

The most effective way to simplify drawing the human figure is to reduce its complex forms to fundamental ones. In this article I'll discuss how to use various aspects of geometric shapes, midlines and gestural drawing, as well as the principle of drawing through.