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Interview With Jimmy Wright: Turning Toward the Sun

Jimmy Wright's sunflower paintings can be found in an number of notable collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. In this interview with The Artist's Magazine, he explains how, for 20 years, he continued to breathe new life into this iconic image.


Paint for the Impatient

If you're an oil painter who doesn't like to watch paint dry, then painting the alkyd oils is for you. Michael Chesley Johnson teaches the basics of this medium.

Graydon-Parrish-Munsell Workshop-Spheres1.jpg

Rational Color Theory

What can an attendee expect to learn about Albert Munsell's color theory at Graydon Parrish's workshop at the the Greand Central Academy of Art? Artist and attendee Louise B. Hafesh describes her experience.