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Desmond O'Hagan

Artist Spotlight | Desmond O’Hagan, How to Paint with Confidence

Looking for someone who could teach artists how to paint with confidence, editor-in-chief of the Pastel Journal, Anne Hevener, introduced me to Desmond O’Hagan. Known for his loose painting style, and bold, confident stroke work—and for instilling that skill and spirit in his students—Desmond visited the ArtistsNetwork studios to show us his pastel and...


Oil Painting Techniques: Landscape Painting

Love to create landscape paintings? Want to learn oil painting techniques? Brian Keeler is here to help! With his keen knowledge of art history; his years painting in oil, pastel, watercolor and acrylic; and his passion for all styles of art, especially realistic landscapes, Brian is your guide to step-by-step demonstrations on how to...