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Painting Buildings in Watercolor

Repeated geometric forms in architecture are Amy Park’s forte—and she renders them with a sure hand in watercolor. The following is an excerpt from “Painting Buildings in Watercolor” from the September issue of The Artist’s Magazine. 

3 Tips to Bust Out of a Rut

The cure to a creative block might just be a hiatus from your usual medium.

When you feel tapped out of inspiration, it often helps to simply step away and try something different. If you normally paint, get out of the studio and try writing a short

Hand-Painted Paper

Anne Bagby, an artist from Winchester, Tennessee, gave up still life painting for mixed media and collage. She designs her own hand-painted paper using acrylic paint and hand-carved stamps. She will often get obsessed with a certain pattern—paisley, for instance—until she tires of it, and then she’ll move on to another...