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how to tone a canvas with acrylic mediums, Filomena Booth

How to Tone a Canvas With Acrylic Medium

In the summer issue of Acrylic Artist, Filomena Booth shares the story of how her Plan B turned into her life’s passion for painting when she was denied her first choice of college coursework. That “disappointment” taught Booth early on that trusting her intuition (that she needed a Plan B, just in case) would...

Acrylic landscape painting, Mountain Village Prayers (acrylic on board, 8x12), Hugh Greer

Acrylic Landscape Paintings that Transport the Viewer

Hugh Greer has amassed more than 50 years of trial-and-error experimentation with acrylic paints, and his experience has brought him to a place where he combines his drawing and compositional skills with expert knowledge on acrylics to create lush, inviting works. The summer 2015 issue of Acrylic Artist features 14 stunning paintings, and here are 3 more...

Perfect Still Life Setup, Park Place (acrylic on paper, 11x18), Elaine Twiss

In Search of the Perfect Still Life Setup

For Elaine Twiss, finding the perfect still life setup is a long process. She spends quite a bit of time at flea markets and on eBay in search of objects that inspire her. Though she’s passionate about discovering “found” objects, Twiss is not a pack rat. Some objects she secures for her still life setups...


Nina Davidowitz | Acrylic Painting Demonstration

Neighborhood scenes have been the main focus of Nina Davidowitz’s artwork for nearly 15 years. "I’m fascinated with the geometric shapes of houses and buildings contrasted with their natural surroundings—shrubs, lawns and woods," she says. "Sometimes nature is also geometric, as when we “sculpt” our shrubs."


Silver and Gold | Acrylic Paintings By Jim Seitz

It took New Orleans artist Jim Seitz four months of trial and error to develop his method for successfully combining acrylic and metal leaf. His process begins with taping the outside of a gallery-wrapped canvas to create a crisp edge ...


Your Fall, Must-Have Acrylic Resource | Acrylic Artist Fall 2014 Issue

Explore your creativity with the Fall 2014 issue of Acrylic Artist, a special 124-page issue celebrating the versatility of acrylic. Featuring a wide variety of vibrant and varied acrylic and mixed-media paintings—along with tips from fellow artists who share their processes—you’ll be inspired to experiment with acrylic-specific mediums to change the dynamic of your paints,  discover ways to incorporate...


Figures and Faces | Acrylic Painting Gallery

Four award-winning acrylic painters—Del-Bourree Bach, Harry Burman, Jason Sacran and John Walker—are known for their acrylic paintings of the human figure and face. See a sampling of their acrylic paintings below, and read their insights and best practices for capturing the emotional potency of the subject in Acrylic Artist, a 124-page special fall release from the...


The Chaos of Nature | Greg Navratil Acrylic Gallery

Oregon acrylic artist Greg Navratil‘s brilliant nature scenes combine heightened realism with a strong underlying abstract sensibility.  When you stand in front of one of his acrylic paintings, there’s a lot to take in. First there’s the size, which is generally large, with some paintings comprising numerous square panels adding up to several feet on...


Energetic Acrylics | Richard M. Greene Gallery

The acrylic paintings of Richard M. Greene radiate a decisive energy as bold brushstrokes assemble themselves without fuss or backtracking into powerfully telling images. The freshness and inventiveness of the works are all the more remarkable when we discover that they were painted by an artist in his later years. Sadly, Greene passed away...


Announcing the Winners for AcrylicWorks 2

Congratulations to the 116 artists chosen for North Light Books’ second annual Best of Acrylic competition AcrylicWorks 2: Radical Breakthroughs! If you see your name below, please check your email accounts (and junk boxes) for instructions on next steps. You should receive an email from us with the subject line “AcrylicWorks 2 Winner Notification”...


Still Life Splendor: Acrylic Paintings from Marike Kleynscheldt

Marike Kleynscheldt creates still lifes that present a window into her passions and curiosities. The highly refined works often include items of special significance, adding a additional layer of meaning to her paintings. The artist’s work is featured in Acrylic Artist, a special summer release from the editors of The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Artist, Pastel...