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Drawing, Summer 2014 Preview Video

The summer 2014 issue of Drawing focuses on the genre of still life, with articles on how beginner artists can practice drawing objects and how advanced artists can further hone their craft by depicting intricate still life setups. Other topics include drawing in pastel, using perspective, drawing facial features, and a retrospective of the charcoal drawings...


Drawing: Summer 2014 Table of Contents

The summer 2014 issue of Drawing is out now, and it’s full of articles about still life, pastel, and other drawing topics. Click here to get your copy. In this issue you’ll find: Visions of Sunflowers Questions and answers with Jimmy Wright, one of America’s leading pastelists. Interview by Austin R. Williams Click here...

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Demos: Drawing the Nose and Eye

In the summer 2014 issue of Drawing, our “Drawing Fundamentals” series teaches you how to draw realistic mouths and noses from various angles. Author and artist Jon deMartin explains that the same underlying process applies when drawing any of the face’s features.  First, you must find the line of action, which describes the form’s...