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summer 2015 drawing feat

Drawing Magazine, Summer 2015 Table of Contents

We’re excited to unveil the summer 2015 issue of Drawing magazine, which is an exploration of the many materials that can be used for drawing and the infinite variety of ways that they can be mixed and combined. Among the drawing materials you’ll learn about are ink, charcoal, wax, silverpoint and cut paper. Artists featured include...

Check Mort pencil draught feat

Online Gallery: Fantasy Drawings by Paul Kidby

Fans of illustration and fantasy drawing get a treat in the summer issue of Drawing, which features an interview with the British artist Paul Kidby. Kidby has spent some 20 years illustrating for the late Terry Pratchett, author of the sprawling, best-selling Discworld series of satirical fantasy novels. Kidby’s work on Discworld has ranged from book...


Online Gallery: Brooks Salzwedel

In the summer issue of Drawing magazine we introduce Brooks Salzwedel, whose mixed media landscape drawings (created with materials including graphite, resin and Mylar) are simultaneously dreamlike and daunting as they examine the discord between nature and technology. Here we’re happy to present a larger sample of the artist’s work. To see more, download or purchase your copy of the...


Pastel Pick of the Week | Portrait of a Pastel 100 Prizewinner

You may remember meeting Simone Bingemer a few months back in the April 2015 issue of Pastel Journal, which featured her pastel portrait, Isabell, the winner of the Pastel Journal Founder's Award, our top prize in the Pastel 100 competition. Here's a snippet from our interview with the artist, who works out of Cologne,...

cropped seascape-painting-by-Johannes-Vloothuis-072015

Insight on Painting Seascapes

Seascapes are probably the easiest painting subject because the information is quite repetitive. Once you learn the anatomy of the waves, you can create many variances of them in different settings. In most cases the eye of the wave becomes the focal point. It is also important to establish an interesting visual “roller coaster”...

Self Portrait 1995 charcoal-pastel 40 x 54 inches

In Memoriam: Susan Hauptman

Drawing magazine is sad to report the passing of Susan Hauptman (1947-2015). Susan was a wonderful artist who devoted her career to drawing, working primarily in a combination of charcoal and pastel. Her output consists mostly of large-scale, intense and sometimes funny self-portraits, which are absolutely, unmistakably her own. I had the pleasure of meeting her once, and it was clear that she was an...