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drawing winter 16 feat

Drawing Magazine, Winter 2016 Table of Contents

The winter 2016 issue of Drawing magazine is here, and it’s all about charcoal. We look at the work of three outstanding contemporary charcoal artists–Mary Borgman, Hilary Brace and April Gornik–and we also learn a bit about the many types of charcoal you can choose from, as well as the history of the medium. (Spoiler alert:...

drawing winter 16 feat

Drawing, Winter 2016 Preview Video

The winter 2016 issue of Drawing magazine focuses on charcoal, one of the most widely used drawing media, and you can check out a video preview of the new issue below. We feature three accomplished charcoal artists, along with the history of charcoal and advice for choosing and using the right charcoal for you. Visit...


Online Gallery: Graphite Drawings by Mike Lee

In the winter 2016 issue of Drawing magazine, we feature Mike Lee as our New and Notable artist. Lee’s graphite drawings contemplate the duality between artificiality and realism by taking everyday normalcies (figures, objects and settings) and working them into their most simplistic forms. Small subjects surrounded by vast white spaces, Lee’s drawings represent fleeting moments in a...