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It’s Here—Tips from the Pros to Paint Better Landscapes

It’s here! The Winter 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist is available now, and it features Brian LaSaga. He will help you paint better landscapes. Plus,16 more of today’s best working acrylic artists round out the issue. Each artist shares tips and techniques they successfully use in their work. Tips including how to paint...

Truth Be Told by acrylic artist, Wyanne

Just Do It: Get the Business Out of the Way to Paint Better

“I’m an artist, not a businessperson,” said no successful creative ever. Let’s just agree on this truth: In today’s DIY world we have to be both an artist and a businesswoman (or man), because the times have changed. Balancing our creative abilities with the business of art can be a challenge...

Karen Yee, Acrylic Artist

Evidence of the Healing Power of Art: Karen Yee

Karen Yee passed away over the weekend after a 13-year battle with an aggressive form of cancer. Her husband, Richard, said it best on the announcement he posted on Karen’s FB page: “She fought a brave, fierce and remarkable battle for over 13 years with one of the most aggressive and...