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Sneak Peek | February 2014 Pastel Journal Issue

Check it out! The February 2014 issue of Pastel Journal features pastel techniques and instruction for painting lace with pastels, adding figures in landscapes, painting white with colorful pastels, plus tips for crowdfunding your artistic dreams, and more. Watch our video preview below for a sneak peek, and you’ll see pastel paintings by Sally Strand,...

Moonrise-Platte River (pastel, 14x18) by Lorenzo Chavez

Pastel Pick of the Week | Colorado Landscapes by Lorenzo Chavez

Many residents of the U.S. were treated to a bit (or more) of snow this week. Although not exactly convenient for holiday traveling, it does make for a beautiful landscape. And I can't think of anyone who knows how to celebrate that more than Colorado artist Lorenzo Chavez whose winter landscapes, in particular, have...


Remembering JFK | The Story Behind a Portrait by Daniel E. Greene

To mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I am happy to share a pastel by renowned portrait artist, Daniel Greene. California gallery, Mountainsong Galleries, in Carmel-by-the-Sea, has just made his historic portrait—painted in 1963—available for acquisition.

Richard McKinley emag on plein air painting

Pastel Pick of the Week | Richard McKinley on Plein Air Painting

Anyone familiar with Pastel Journal and the Pastel Pointers Blog knows that Richard McKinley is a generous and inspiring teacher and a consistent champion of both pastel and plein air painting. If you'd like a collection of some of the artist's best advice on working en plein air, you'll want to check out a...

Late Afternoon Color (pastel, 12x16) by Richard McKinley

Simplify the Scene: Advice From Richard McKinley

Richard McKinley is world-famous for not only his pastel landscape paintings, but also for his teaching of art. He’s been a long-time contributor to Pastel Journal, The Artist’s Magazine, and ArtistsNetwork, sharing his “pastel pointers” and more for artists of all backgrounds. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive e-magazine that you...


Pastel Journal 2013 Article Index

                                  Use our year-at-a-glance article index to easily locate all of your favorite pastel painting artists and articles that appeared in the 2013 issues of Pastel Journal. Click here for the free downloadable pdf. It’s the perfect companion to your...


Check It Out | December 2013 Pastel Journal Issue Preview

Tap into your creativity! The December 2013 issue of Pastel Journal features pastel techniques and instruction for making color choices in pastel, kick-starting your wintertime art and turning quiet, serene landscapes into enthralling paintings, and more. Watch our video preview below for a sneak peek, and you’ll see pastel paintings by cover artist Jane-McGraw...