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abstract acrylic painting by Tesia Blackburn

Art, Passion, and How to Be the Artist You Are

There are times when we compare ourselves to others, when we’re unsatisfied with our work, when we question why we’re even doing it to begin with. It’s human nature. But there’s one thing that can keep artists from giving up, from putting away their tools of the trade and succumbing to the average life of...

Stephen Quiller paints the winter landscape with acrylic in this DVD workshop

When All Else Fails (Or Before Then)

Just like it takes time and some planning to create a painting, I began crafting my gifts months ago: I crocheted afghans and created mosaic art for my parents, and I painted pottery for my older nieces and nephews. Some of the gifts have been distributed by now, as I celebrate the holidays at...

Family Table, oil painting by Michael De Brito

Pour Your Art Out | A Free Issue of Inspired

As this year wanes and the next ascends, you may be hunkering down to draw up your list of serious-minded resolutions so you can carpe annum, or “seize the new year.” That’s so 1994! You already have a long list of to-dos to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, so why pile on with often hard-to-achieve...