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cropped how-to-paint-a-parrot-in-watercolor

Small, Pale and Watery? I Don’t Think So

I’m constantly being reminded that pastels, oils and watercolors can be manipulated to raise an eyebrow and the question, “Is that really…?” Transparent watercolor falls within this category as well, as Linda Stevens Moyer can attest. Moyer is the author of Light Up Your Watercolors Layer By Layer: Transparent Glazing Techniques for Luminous Paintings,...

cropped Coffee-Time-II-landscape-painting-by-Gordon-MacKenzie

When I Hear People Say…

Landscape paintings are inspired by visions such as these because the earth provides us with so many wondering thoughts of how and why we’re here. And sometimes all we can do is absorb the beauty, then let it spill out in our own creative interpretations.