Summer Inspiration | Watercolor Artist June 2017 Issue Preview

Get inspired just in time for summer! The June 2017 issue of Watercolor Artist features ways to express yourself—whether you’re a landscape, portrait, still life or animal painter. Highlights in this issue include: 14 surefire solutions to pesky painting problems Complex reflections made easy Tips for pouring a moody landscape Ideas for painting fresh...


Master the Basics with a Color Mixing Lesson from Mark Menendez

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been painting for years, the ability to work confidently with color is one of the most essential skills an artist can possess. This color mixing lesson from Mark Menendez is a perfect introduction for beginners and a great review for more advanced painters! Remember when you first...


Brushwork Techniques for Expressive Watercolor with Sterling Edwards

Ever stood in the brush aisle at the art store and felt intimidated by the variety on offer? Flat brushes, round brushes, big brushes, little brushes, bristle brushes, synthetic brushes, skinny brushes, fat brushes… where to begin? And how to take advantage of watercolor brushwork in your paintings? Sterling Edwards has some answers for you. Since...

How to Paint Water

Learn How to Paint Water in Watercolor: 3 Demos

There are so many ways to approach the subject of water in your watercolor art, but sometimes, the simplest approaches are the best. Gordon MacKenzie demonstrates three approaches to the subject and shows that learning how to paint water can be fun, with achievable results right away.

Desmond O'Hagan

Artist Spotlight | Desmond O’Hagan, How to Paint with Confidence

Looking for someone who could teach artists how to paint with confidence, editor-in-chief of the Pastel Journal, Anne Hevener, introduced me to Desmond O’Hagan. Known for his loose painting style, and bold, confident stroke work—and for instilling that skill and spirit in his students—Desmond visited the ArtistsNetwork studios to show us his pastel and...