Art Critiquing & Feedback

Questions on critiquing paintings? Want to see how expert artists critique the work of others? Soon you’ll understand the importance of feedback when you hear common criticisms and other pointers from our experienced art instructors at Artist’s Network.Hear about the artistic process in a variety of art styles & make the most of your art workshop experience. You can also get personal feedback on your own works from a professional through the Artist’s Network Critiques.


Pastel Pointers | The Need for Feedback

Painting is a lonely endeavor. The bulk of artists’ creative lives are spent interacting alone with their subject matter and artwork. While many of us put considerable effort into listening for what a painting might be saying to us while we are painting, the only voice we really hear is that...

The Story of Manet

In the December 2010 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, Jerry N. Weiss discusses Edouard Manet’s Fifer (1866, oil on canvas, 63x38), which was rejected from the Salon because of the scandal that arose from Manet’s earlier picture, Olympia, (oil, 51.4x74.8, now at the Musee d'Orsay, Paris) shown in 1865.

Botanical Painting

Teasels and Berries (watercolor) is a lovely botanical painting that should inspire artists to explore this unusual and interesting genre.