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Bring new life to your work with our wide selection of art demonstrations, techniques and tips. A new painting pointer, drawing trick or art tool might make the difference in your next still life or portrait. Now you can paint with knives or learn how to scumble. Art techniques can stretch across media, so whether you work with watercolor, oil, colored pencil or pastel you’ll find something to advance your art.

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How to Draw a Dog: A Mini-Demonstration

This drawing lesson comes from Drawing for the Absolute Beginner by Mark and Mary Willenbrink. Preview Mark’s art workshops here at ArtistsNetworkTV. Drawing Materials: Graphite pencil Drawing board Drawing paper Kneaded eraser How to Draw a Dog by Mark and Mary Willenbrink 1. Sketch the Basic Shapes Sketch lines to form the basic body and...

Gesture drawing poses | Jon deMartin,

Improve Your Figure—With Gesture Drawings

The practice of gesture drawing is an important part of understanding the figure and its ability to create interesting shapes from limitless motions. Jon deMartin, author of Drawing Atelier: The Figure, offers guidance on this in the following excerpt. Gesture Drawing: Finding the Gesture and Orienting Forms by Jon deMartin The figure’s line of...


The Secret to Painting a Masterpiece

With the release of the new April 2016 issue of Pastel Journal, which celebrates the winners of the 17th Annual Pastel 100 Competition, it seemed a perfect opportunity to revisit a Pastel Pointers post by Richard McKinley in which he discusses the secret to painting a masterpiece—and your next award-winner: Know your purpose.