Art Craft Tools, Material Supply Tips & Recommendations

Artists know that you need more than just a great subject or inspiration to create art. The right art tools, art supplies and art materials can give you the freedom to bring your artistic vision to life. Hear from our authors & artists as they discuss their favorite art materials such as brushes, palettes, pastel primers, art studio lighting, knives, canvases and substrates – helping you bring your most to your next piece.


Watercolor Wonder: Watercolor vs. Gouache

A Guest Post by Cassia Cogger “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.” —Kofi Annan How does watercolor differ from gouache? What are their individual characteristics, and how might each best be applied to a mixed-media art practice? These very questions got me thinking, I wonder what would happen if I painted the exact same...


Ideas for Using Transfer Paper on Multiple Surfaces

Until this week, I’d never have guessed transfer paper would open up so many possibilities for creative play. In her book, Hello Happiness, Kim Geiser shares several techniques for taking an illustration on paper and transferring it onto a variety of surfaces including fabric and art canvas. Because Hello Happiness is all about spreading...


How Different Materials Affect the Drawing Process

The following article by Dan Gheno, about the pros and cons of various drawing materials, appears in the winter 2017 issue of Drawing magazine. You can see the full list of articles in the issue, and you can get your copy here or download a digital version here. You can also subscribe to Drawing. ~~~ How Different Materials...

Liquid Pencil 3

Liquid Pencil and Graphite in Your Mixed Media Art

I have always been fascinated with writing tools– pens of all types, markers, and crayons– but pencils were never that exciting. Always the same shade of gray. Going to the office supply store for new writing implements was always my favorite part of back to school shopping because I could pick out new pens...