Art Craft Tools, Material Supply Tips & Recommedations

Artists know that you need more than just a great subject or inspiration to create art. The right art tools, art supplies and art materials can give you the freedom to bring your artistic vision to life. Hear from our authors & artists as they discuss their favorite art materials such as brushes, palettes, pastel primers, art studio lighting, knives, canvases and substrates – helping you bring your most to your next piece.

Richard McKinley emag on plein air painting

Pastel Pick of the Week | Richard McKinley on Plein Air Painting

Anyone familiar with Pastel Journal and the Pastel Pointers Blog knows that Richard McKinley is a generous and inspiring teacher and a consistent champion of both pastel and plein air painting. If you'd like a collection of some of the artist's best advice on working en plein air, you'll want to check out a...

A selection of harder pastels offered by various manufacturers.

The Hard Choice in Pastel | 3 Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Stick

Within the sphere of pastels, there are varying degrees of stick firmness. The level of softness or hardness of a pastel stick is dependent on the individual pigment characteristics, the addition of inert compounds, and the composition of the binder holding the pigment together. Generally, pastelists categorize the sticks in their palettes as either...

10, Sentinel, Pastel, 30x40in

The Artist’s Magazine’s 2013 Annual Competition | Meet the Jurors (Part 1)

The 30 paintings that won awards in The Artist’s Magazine’s 2013 annual competition are splendid; wonderful, too, were the finalists in each category, which made our jurors’ decisions extremely difficult. We are grateful to our exacting jurors: Douglas Atwill, Ron Monsma, Amy Weiskopf, John Agnew, and Judith T. Greenberg. Read their comments on the...

Watercolor Glossary of Terms

Just beginning in watercolor or need to “brush up” on your watercolor lingo? Here’s a glossary of common watercolor terms: analogous colors: colors that are closely related on the color wheel casein: a fast-drying, water-soluble paint derived from milk protein, or casein charging: technique that involves mixing two or more colors directly on the...


Photographing Paintings | Keeping a Record of Your Work

Photographing finished paintings can be one of the most frustrating aspects of painting, but still one of the most necessary. These photographic records are invaluable when reminiscing about past accomplishments, a necessity for entering most juried exhibitions, and a prerequisite for publication. Since most artists either sell or gift their works, it's paramount to...


Framing Tips for Pastel Paintings | Reusing Frames

Framing can be one of the most costly aspects of our pastel painting careers. Frames are expensive, never mind the glass, mats, backing, and fitting charges when a professional framer is utilized. We invest in the hope that someone will open their wallet and purchase a painting, helping us to recoup some of our...


Painting Surfaces for Pastel | The New Kids

Pastel is unique among fine art media, because it doesn't have an inherent binder to hold it onto a surface like all other forms of painting. This difference is one of the reasons it gets classified as a drawing medium in some circles. Pastelists, though, most often associate their intent with the act of...


Surfaces for Pastel Painting | Fibrous Vs Sanded Pastel Papers

The interaction between a painting medium and surface plays an integral part in an artist’s painting technique and the final appearance of the artwork. This is especially true with pastel. While wet media, such as watercolor and oil, are applied with a brush that is capable of pushing pigment into a porous surface, pastel...


How to Display Art on Paper

Wondering how to display art on paper? Get advice from the pros: Litsa Spanos, Chris Morris and Craig Valentine of Art Design Consultants; Paul Schaff of Wellage and Schaff Fine Art Services; Michael Chesley Johnson, pastel artist; Jean Pederson, watermedia artist; and Michael Skalka, Chairman ASTM D01.57.

image of gesso panel supplies

Homemade Gesso Recipe for a True Gesso Panel

Koo Schadler takes you through the process of making homemade gesso and gesso panels. Included in her instructions are supply lists, a gesso recipe and instructions on how to apply gesso on wood or hardboard panels.