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Artists know that you need more than just a great subject or inspiration to create art. The right art tools, art supplies and art materials can give you the freedom to bring your artistic vision to life. Hear from our authors & artists as they discuss their favorite art materials such as brushes, palettes, pastel primers, art studio lighting, knives, canvases and substrates – helping you bring your most to your next piece.


The Color Red | A Pastel Valentine

In the 14th century, Chaucer solidified the Valentine's Day's association to love when he composed a poem in honor of the engagement of England’s King Richard II. By the 18th century, the holiday had evolved into an occasion for the exchanging of handmade cards, a custom that spread to the American colonies. Today, the...

Richard McKinley emag on plein air painting

Pastel Pick of the Week | Richard McKinley on Plein Air Painting

Anyone familiar with Pastel Journal and the Pastel Pointers Blog knows that Richard McKinley is a generous and inspiring teacher and a consistent champion of both pastel and plein air painting. If you'd like a collection of some of the artist's best advice on working en plein air, you'll want to check out a...

A selection of harder pastels offered by various manufacturers.

The Hard Choice in Pastel | 3 Factors to Consider When Selecting Your Stick

Within the sphere of pastels, there are varying degrees of stick firmness. The level of softness or hardness of a pastel stick is dependent on the individual pigment characteristics, the addition of inert compounds, and the composition of the binder holding the pigment together. Generally, pastelists categorize the sticks in their palettes as either...

10, Sentinel, Pastel, 30x40in

The Artist’s Magazine’s 2013 Annual Competition | Meet the Jurors (Part 1)

The 30 paintings that won awards in The Artist’s Magazine’s 2013 annual competition are splendid; wonderful, too, were the finalists in each category, which made our jurors’ decisions extremely difficult. We are grateful to our exacting jurors: Douglas Atwill, Ron Monsma, Amy Weiskopf, John Agnew, and Judith T. Greenberg. Read their comments on the...