Cityscape Art

Learn to create compelling cityscape art in a variety of styles and media, with explanations of principles such as atmospheric perspective, online galleries of stunning urban scenes from successful artists, demos on conventional cityscape painting and more experimental urban scenes.

Michael Reardon Gallery

Painting directly and quickly, California watercolorist Michael Reardon creates fresh landscapes full of light. “The clarity of light in California, and especially northern California, is pretty special,” he says. “I find that watercolor just lends itself to it.” You’ll find a full-length feature on the artist’s work–including a direct painting  demo–in...

Painting a Rainy City with John Salminen

The tour group members standing in the hotel lobby were scaling back their expectations for a day of fun-filled activities as they peered through the windows at the steady rain. Their first bite of the Big Apple—New York City—wasn’t what they’d anticipated. As I watched, sipping a cup of strong New...

East River and Bridges (oil, 15x20) by Diana Horowitz

Diana Horowitz | Atmospheric Urban Landscapes

Diana Horowitz received a bachelor of fine arts degree from the State University of New York at Purchase College and a master of fine arts degree from Brooklyn College. She has taught drawing and painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Tyler School of Art in Rome and...

Broadway Barber (oil, 36x36) by Max Ferguson

Max Ferguson | Cityscapes, Interiors and Figures Painted in Oil

A New Yorker by birth, Max Ferguson comes from a long line of lawyers—and a father whose hobby was painting. Max returned the favor by making his father his principal model. The younger Ferguson studied animation at New York University, changing his major to painting after he spent his junior year...

Artist of the Month: Deborah Rubin

Featured artist Deborah Rubin, who teaches watercolor classes, has advice for her students and artists. "I tell them that it's process that's most important, not the finished piece." Yellow Trolley (gouache, 18x26) by Rubin was a finalist in the landscape/interior category of The Artist’s Magazine’s 27th Annual Art Competition.