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Laundry Day (pastel) by Deborah Bays

Juror Spotlight | 15th Annual Pastel 100 Competition

The Pastel 100 Competition, now in its 15th year, can draw several thousand entries. In a field that includes hundreds upon hundreds of worthy and wonderful pastels, it’s always interesting to learn what it is that a juror sees in a particular piece that marks it as special. The jurors of this year’s 15th...

Six in Cadmium (pastel, 24x18) by Jim Morgan | botanical

Plant Paintings in Pastel

Davidson, North Carolina, artist Jim Morgan doesn’t mind coming back to the same subject matter. In fact, his imaginative botanical pastel art thrives on it. His inspiration comes from shapes found in nature—eucalyptus leaves and gingko branches, specifically—a nod to one of his art heroes, Ellsworth Kelly. Enjoy a gallery of Morgan's botanical paintings...

Feminine Nature (pastel, 16x20) by Patricia Tribastone | pastel techniques

Great Pastel Techniques for Using Symbolism in Art

Today’s artists can use a variety of methods to translate meaning into their paintings—composition, light and shadow, values, point of view, atmospheric light, as well as the objects themselves. Enjoy a still life gallery of Patricia Tribastone's symbolic pastels and the concept behind them, and read more about pastel techniques for symbolism in art...