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Watercolor Wonder: Watercolor vs. Gouache

A Guest Post by Cassia Cogger “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.” —Kofi Annan How does watercolor differ from gouache? What are their individual characteristics, and how might each best be applied to a mixed-media art practice? These very questions got me thinking, I wonder what would happen if I painted the exact same...

Joyce Washor is all about painting small. This work shows how "big" the possibilities are if you approach your composition the right way.

Scale It Down–Way Down!

Painting Small Means “Pay Day” Do you know painters who have been working on the same painting for months? Years? Maybe you are that artist? If you want an enriched understanding of the whole process of painting, you have to change up your game if you have been plodding along before now. That’s why...

pastel pointers about edge variety

The Art of Illusion | Use the Magic of Edges in Your Painting

Any creative who’s trying to depict reality—whether an author, sculptor or painter—must try to master the art of illusion. One of the most useful tools an artist can use to produce this magic is the manipulation of edges. The dictionary definition of “edge” is the line where an object or area begins or ends:...