Learn Seascape Art: How to Paint the Ocean Waves & Boats

You want to make waves with your work, right? Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to paint a seascape or just seeking inspiration for your seascape art, you’ll find helpful advice here. Browse the various seascape painting techniques of other artists, and go with the flow.


How to Photograph a Painting, Step by Step

Professional art photographers Ric Deliantoni and Al Parrish shoot paintings, craft and woodworking projects for F+W Media’s book lines and magazines. Here they guide you on how to photograph your own painting, step by step. Read more about taking professional-quality photographs of your paintings and the equipment you need in the October 2011 issue of The Artist’s Magazine....


Lisa Grossman: River Demonstration in Oil

“Prairies lack the obvious grandeur of mountain ranges, red-rock canyons or the ocean,” says Lisa Grossman, who was featured in The Artist's Magazine. “It’s a more subtle beauty that comes to some slowly, but it’s undeniably powerful.” Grossman was inspired by the tallgrass prairie of the Flint Hills. The contrast between the dense,...