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Improve your artistic skills and experience art education online with Artists Network Online Events. Artists Network Online Events brings you a variety of online art classes, art lessons, artist workshops, and more.

At Artists Network, we’re connecting artists with ideas, inspiration, and instruction. Visit Online Events and WetCanvas Live for upcoming online events and browse the archive below to experience past online events.


Tons of Tangles with Tiffany Lovering

  Tons of Tangles with Tiffany Lovering  Tiffany Lovering shares with you of tons of tangles tips! Watch the recording of the Artists Network Online Event with Tiffany Lovering for a jam-packed hour of tangling tips. Tiffany also previews her new Artist’s Network University mandala tangling course – Mandalas for Beginners. Watch this FREE Artists Network Online Event below....

Joyce Hicks

Transform Ordinary Places into Extraordinary Scenes with Joyce Hicks

In this free Artists Network Online Event, Joyce Hicks shows you how to transform ordinary landscapes into extraordinary scenes with easy to paint shapes. Get a special preview into Joyce Hicks’ book Painting Beautiful Watercolor Landscapes: Transform Ordinary Places into Extraordinary Scenes.  Joyce will teach you how to transform everyday landscapes into beautiful works...


Creating Abstract Art with Dean Nimmer

Dean gives you an interactive preview to his book, Creating Abstract Art: Ideas & Inspiration for Passionate Art Making. Dean talks through some of the blockades to creating passionate art, such as “I don’t know what to paint” or “how do I know if that’s good enough?” Dean will help you find inspiration to move beyond...

composition from photos with Johannes Vloothuis

Painting Composition from Photos with Johannes Vloothuis

  Composition from Photos with Johannes Vloothuis  In the video below, learn how to use photos to skillfully paint compositions, yet learn the balance of not relying too heavily on reference materials. Receive expert advice on how to plan your next masterpiece and get compositional tips on your reference photographs. These tips and tricks will...


Getting Your Art into Galleries with Paul Dorrell

Getting Your Art into Galleries with Paul Dorrell So you think you’re ready to get into a gallery? Or you are at least interested in pursuing gallery display of your art at come point in your artistic journey. Fantastic! Paul Dorrell is here to help you do just that. Yes, your artwork is exquisite, but in...