Lee Hammond

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Lee Hammond began her artistic career at an early age, teaching art classes to aspiring students while she herself was still in college at the University of Nebraska back in 1976. While she chose to discontinue attending the University to pursue a working career, she continued to advance her art education through other classes and art programs, and used “teaching” as a way of “learning.” The results are a unique drawing style she personally developed, being mostly self taught. Read more here…

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African lion drawing by Lee Hammond | ArtistsNetwork.com

Do What You Love and the Opportunities Will Follow

For those of you who know me, I have been struggling over the last few years, trying to decide if I'll move permanently away from Kansas City. I’ve worked diligently for many years to create the wonderful studio and student base that I have there. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being the forensic artist on call...

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Drawing Animals, and “I Told You So” Fridays

Recently I had the pleasure of teaching a class on “Drawing Animals in Nature” in graphite. It’s a popular class I based on one of my most recent books by the same name. I teach not only how to draw animals, but also how to draw them in their natural environments. This includes backgrounds and the elements of...