Art Mediums & Drawing

What’s your favorite fine art medium in which to work? Find what you’re looking for here, or discover something new! Our articles include works on pastel, watercolor, oil, acrylic, colored pencil, collage, mixed media, how to draw people and more. Learn a new art technique or enhance what you already know with our hundreds of art instruction resources.

Drawing Basics: Learn 10 New Habits

The month of January brings to mind new resolutions and goals for us all. Finding and utilizing drawing tips and exercises is one way to keep your new art commitments going, and Katherine Tyrrell has just the tool to help.
Cold wax art

10 Ways to Tell You Are Ready for Something New

Sponsored by Hot Trends — Cold Wax For most of us, the time we spend making art is the time we hold most dear. It is those special hours reserved for exploring our creativity that make us the happiest. In the studio, we are our best selves. That’s why we want...

How to Draw Birds: Draw Realistic Animals

I’ve always been intrigued by nature’s intricate details. It’s this complexity—combined with the subtleties of mood and environment—that I attempt to capture in my drawings and paintings. I tend to travel to where my subjects live so I can observe their behaviors and interactions within their natural habitats. While on location, I...

Urban Sketching Adventure

Sketchbook Tour with Artist Matt Rota “I practice what I teach, and I teach what I was taught—and that’s to draw from life and to draw on location.” So says Matt Rota, an artist known for his high-impact graphic illustrations and urban sketching work. “From this regular practice I’ve learned how to create...