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Virginia Hein | Sketching Techniques | Artist's Network

Sketchbook Drawings and Techniques: Special Report

The summer 2016 issue of Drawing takes us through the world of sketchbooks and art journals, interviewing 11 artists to discover some of sketchbooks’ many uses, along with sketching techniques and sketching tools. Here we’re pleased to present an expanded selection of sketchbook drawings and paintings by these artists, along with advice about how...

watercolor_floral_Bromeliad 2 (watercolor on paper, 15x11) by Carol Carter |

Color Bouquets | Carol Carter Watercolor Flowers

Watercolor artist Carol Carter is known for her vibrant, non-local figurative work, but she’s also got a penchant for watercolor flowers. “Initially, I was reluctant to paint flowers—I thought I was only a figurative painter,” she says. “I found, though, that it wasn’t difficult for me to switch gears; every painting has its own...

Acrylic Artist Jean Pederdson Brush care

5 Tips for Better Brush Care

In the Summer 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist Jean Pederson reviewed a new series of brushes by Royal & Langnickel and shared tips on how to pick the best acrylic brush. There’s also a complete step-by-step, mixed-media portrait demo she did in the issue. Order your copy now of Acrylic Artist and read Pederson’s...