Acrylic Painting Techniques & Art

Join the millions of artists who are experimenting with acrylic art! Discover inspiration and acrylic painting techniques that will help you create beautiful acrylic paintings, whether you’re just getting started or you’d like to add to your painting skills.

Painting Solutions with Nancy Reyner |

Painting Solutions with Nancy Reyner

As much as we might wish all our paintings came out perfect the first time, most paintings go through a process. The ability to look at a work in progress and figure out how to improve it is a skill of its own. Want to get better at critiquing your own work? These painting solutions...

Rejection advice for artists |

How Rejection Will Make You a Better Artist

Your assignment: Face rejection 10 times, for a start that is. You’re likely thinking that sounds rather unpleasant, but we’re serious. Acrylic Artist, the leading fine-art magazine that features working artists, has found a common thread running through most artists’ stories—they faced rejection, and overcame it, on the road to artistic success. Remember when...


3 Acrylic Painting Tips to Enhance Your Art

When Sandrine Pelissier was in our video studios recently filming 4 new instructional videos, she shared a few tips for creating more successful acrylic paintings. Granted, I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to acrylic painting but these were tips I’d not seen before, at least not the way Sandrine demonstrated them. So...