Acrylic Painting Techniques & Art

Join the millions of artists who are experimenting with acrylic art! Discover inspiration and acrylic painting techniques that will help you create beautiful acrylic paintings, whether you’re just getting started or you’d like to add to your painting skills.


Glazed and Confused? Not For Long!

In the newest issue of Acrylic Artist, Darlene Olivia and Sandra Duran Wilson explain more: “Glazing is an additive process that adds depth and interest to your acrylic surface, and is especially effective when applied over textures and mixed-media materials.


Nina Davidowitz | Acrylic Painting Demonstration

Neighborhood scenes have been the main focus of Nina Davidowitz’s artwork for nearly 15 years. "I’m fascinated with the geometric shapes of houses and buildings contrasted with their natural surroundings—shrubs, lawns and woods," she says. "Sometimes nature is also geometric, as when we “sculpt” our shrubs."


Landscape Painting Techniques: Sun and Shadow in Acrylic

Landscape Painting Techniques If you’re dreaming of summer fields full of flowers and trees covered in foliage, there’s no reason not to take matters into your own hands. Why not learn how to paint a landscape full of sun and shadow? With Mark Mehaffey’s Paint Acrylic Landscapes: Understanding Sun and Shadow, you can learn...

How to paint with watercolor

The Benefits of Using Acrylic as Watercolor

Watercolor can be a fun medium. It creates beautiful washes of color that can be a joy to brush onto paper. But, watercolor can be a problematic medium. Because of its transparent nature, it's easy for an artist to lost control of it.

Acrylic Revolution: Painting Techniques

Acrylic Painting Techniques for Different Effects

Learn How to Paint with Acrylics I love acrylics. Not only is the color so vibrant, but the medium itself is so versatile and the painting techniques so varied, that the possibilities are infinite, no matter what your subject. Love abstract art? Acrylics. Love lush landscape paintings? You can get the color mixing for...


Silver and Gold | Acrylic Paintings By Jim Seitz

It took New Orleans artist Jim Seitz four months of trial and error to develop his method for successfully combining acrylic and metal leaf. His process begins with taping the outside of a gallery-wrapped canvas to create a crisp edge ...