Acrylic Painting Techniques & Art

Join the millions of artists who are experimenting with acrylic art! Discover inspiration and acrylic painting techniques that will help you create beautiful acrylic paintings, whether you’re just getting started or you’d like to add to your painting skills.

Your Acrylic Toolbox

In the Summer 2014 issue of Acrylic Artist magazine, Nancy Reyner introduces you to the essential aspects of acrylic painting. Here, she shares a handy chart that summarizes the basic ingredients of acrylic paint and the wide range of effects you can create with the medium. For more information about acrylic painting, check out...

Dana North (acrylic) by Charles Gibbons

Paintings as Portals | A Gallery of Acrylic Paintings by Charles Gibbons

Charles Gibbons wants to make art that engages the viewer's mind. As an artist, architect, deep thinker, world traveler, and student of art history, literature and the spiritual path, Gibbons aspires to create a connection. He wants people who view his abstract work in acrylic to go beyond the mere appreciation of a painting...