Colored Pencil Art & Techniques

Discover the basics for beginning in colored pencil art—and refine and expand your colored pencil techniques with helpful tips and pointers and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction from the experts. You’ll learn about burnishing, working with solvents, water-soluble colored pencils and more!

Drawing, fall 2003

Drawing Magazine Cover Countdown: #9

This fall, Drawing magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and to get the festivities started, the Drawing Magazine Blog is looking back at our 10 favorite covers. To see the full list so far, check out the entire Drawing Magazine Blog. For our #9 cover, we’re going all the way back to the very beginning:...


Some Like it Hot | Colored Pencil Art Sizzles

I can’t stop looking at Arlene Steinberg’s painting, Paradise Dreams (below; colored pencil and water-soluble crayons on heated paper, 12x12). Each time I flip through my newest issue of The Artist’s Magazine, I seem to stop on this page and stare, enjoying the color and depth of this image. At first the abstract quality...

by Margaret Stermer Cox

The Sketchbook Project: Online Gallery

Even though it is, in most cases, an artist’s least seen work (often by design), a sketchbook can offer the most intimate view into an artist’s process. It is there that moments of high creativity come to life in the form of quick sketches, casual drawings, and unplanned experiments. In the Winter 2013 issue...