Drawing Techniques: How to Draw People Animals Landscapes & More

Sound drawing techniques are key to creating masterful drawings, and you learn how to draw by practicing and practicing and practicing some more. To help you develop your skills, you’ll find excellent step-by-step instruction on topics including mapping out the figure, perspective, the sight-size method—as well as how to draw various facial features, buildings and animals.

George Washington

Sneak Peek: Masterpieces From the National Portrait Gallery

The winter 2014 issue of Drawing focuses on the topic of portraiture, and one of the highlights in this issue is a new installment in our Curator’s Choice series, which takes us into the vaults of the National Portrait Gallery (www.npg.si.edu). The National Portrait Gallery, a part of the Smithsonian Institution, collects portraits of...


Learn to Draw with Grant Fuller’s Drawing Workshop

Drawing Lessons Made Easy! Learn to draw with Grant Fuller, as he demonstrates several easy drawing techniques in his art instruction workshop for creating accurate sketches of the world around you. You’ll get fantastic instruction on line work, edges and values, along with Grant’s favorite tips for accurate proportions and perspective. You’ll love these...

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Drawing Winter 2014, Preview Video

The latest issue of Drawing shines a light on portraiture, with articles featuring a portrait demonstration from Costa Vavagiakis; a survey of drawings from Everett Raymond Kinstler; and a selection of work from the National Portrait Gallery. It also includes a look at sketchbooks and artwork created with silverpoint. Check out the preview video below...

Yuko v 2

Costa Vavagiakis: An Online Gallery

The winter 2014 issue of Drawing magazine features an in-depth demonstration by master figurative artist Costa Vavagiakis (http://www.costavavagiakis.com/), in which he demonstrates how to draw a portrait on toned paper using graphite and white chalk. Here, we’re happy to present a small selection of Vavagiakis’ finished drawings, which display his amazing ability to imbue a sense...


Breaking Through the Wall

I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it never fails. I always seem to hit the wall creatively. Maybe it’s the oppressive cold. Maybe it’s the shorter days/longer nights. But I always seem to end up in a funk that affects my writing, my work…everything. So what’s one to...


How to Draw Dogs with Chris Hart

If you love the funny, cuddly, lovable nature of dogs, you’ll love learning how to draw them, too. Best-selling artist and instructor Chris Hart takes the trouble out of drawing your favorite canine companions by demonstrating easy drawing techniques and showing you how to draw their anatomy accurately. Follow these easy step-by-step lessons to...