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Have fun experimenting and combining various materials for original mixed media art! Discover a wide range of mixed media styles and techniques, from fun and quirky looks to the more sophisticated.

by Margaret Stermer Cox

The Sketchbook Project: Online Gallery

Even though it is, in most cases, an artist’s least seen work (often by design), a sketchbook can offer the most intimate view into an artist’s process. It is there that moments of high creativity come to life in the form of quick sketches, casual drawings, and unplanned experiments. In the Winter 2013 issue...

The Winning Entry!

Creativity Workshop: Material Metamorphosis Responses

The editors of Watercolor Artist magazine are now pleased to announce the winner of our latest painting challenge! In the October 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, painter Carole Berren encouraged readers to unlock their creative potential with YUPO (read a free excerpt of the article online). Judging from the flood of responses, Berren’s challenge struck a chord with...

Alternative Art Journals

Create Your Own Set of Card Set Art Journal

Check out this review and giveaway of Margaret Peot’s Alternative Art Journals by Quinn McDonald, a writer and certified creativity coach. Here’s what she had to say about it: “The variety is big and interesting. The suggestions for alternatives are challenging so the book is suitable for beginners and advanced artists as well as...