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Have fun experimenting and combining various materials for original mixed media art! Discover a wide range of mixed media styles and techniques, from fun and quirky looks to the more sophisticated.

The Winning Entry!

Creativity Workshop: Material Metamorphosis Responses

The editors of Watercolor Artist magazine are now pleased to announce the winner of our latest painting challenge! In the October 2012 issue of Watercolor Artist, painter Carole Berren encouraged readers to unlock their creative potential with YUPO (read a free excerpt of the article online). Judging from the flood of responses, Berren’s challenge struck a chord with...

V9291 RockArts

Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

Rock art is a fun and easy way to spend craft time with your kids. All it takes is paint, a few rocks and your imagination! In this free demonstration on painting on rocks, expert rock artist Lin Wellford shows us how to paint a tasty rockburger complete with pickles and tomatoes. Rock art...

pastel paper surface preparation

Keeping the Pastel Surface Flat | Techniques for Stretching and Mounting Paper

Since the time of French artist Edgar Degas, pastelists have been experimenting with a variety of experimental techniques that may employ fixatives, solvents, and mixed-media. One of the most popular solvents that pastelsists use, and one that is happily free of health concerns—is water. Since pastel sticks are water-soluble and most contain high degrees...