Oil Painting Techniques Tips & Instruction

Even the old masters worked diligently to enhance their oil painting techniques. Here, you’ll find easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials on how to paint with with oil, covering a variety of topics including classical underpaintings, glazing, surface treatments and building up the paint for texture.

oil painter

Problem Solving with Oil Painter Joshua LaRock

If you’re in a creative rut and you can’t get out, you’re not alone! Here, oil painter Joshua LaRock walks us through different ways to work out problems you may face with a project. Problem Solving by Joshua LaRock Master drawing: Learn to put aside assumed ideas of what you are looking at, and...


January 2017 Artist of the Month | Oil Painter Julia Eva Bacon

Congratulations to oil painter Julia Eva Bacon, our January Artist of the Month! Bacon was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s Annual Art Competition! Her piece Soul Mates can be seen below. Read more about Bacon below and how meeting the love of her life helped inspire the work below. Battleboro, Vermont ~ woodrabbitarts.com   When I choose a...

Oil Painter Chi Han Cheng

From Tattoo Artist to Oil Painter: The Art of Storytelling

Oil painter Jason Chi-Han Cheng’s talents stretch far beyond the stroke of his brush. As a tattoo artist, Cheng creates history; as an oil painter, he memorializes it. Read his story about The Crossing below. San Francisco, California • jasonchihancheng.com   I’m a tattoo artist; I find the process profound because the needle penetrates the skin. It creates a mark....

Early Afternoon, Cafe Europa by Desmond O'Hagan

Oil Painting Demonstration: Figures in a Sunny Café

Desmond O’Hagan is your guide in this oil painting demonstration as you learn to interpret the light in this sunny café scene! Desmond’s style is bold and direct, never overworking the details. “The constant challenge of painting…a slightly more complicated scene,” he says, “is the challenge to simplify, really keeping your shapes correct, slowly...